Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seaside Heights and Sandy: A Year Later

Something told me to take the photo on the left. We live in Pittsburgh and were visiting my family from Allentown. We took a day to go to the shore. Something told me to take a photo of that scene, it was just so beautiful. Just two months later, the first shot of the Seaside damage came in and it matched up perfectly with the perspective. Devastating.
A year ago, I recall sitting panicked, worrying and making sure everyone and everything would be alright after the storm. Thankfully everyone was physically alright. Sadly, many family businesses and lives were uprooted as a final result of the storm. As I always say though, things can always get worse. This was the start of the Seaside of my childhood going away. The fire this past fall took away everything but the heart of the Seaside Boardwalk, Lucky Leo's and the Casino Pier Carousel. I look forward to seeing a bigger and better Seaside, but I will always remember visiting that August and taking things in for some reason. I took extra care to take note of everything. I just sat on benches in several places and just took stuff in. We walked to the end of the boardwalk and took in the shore next to the old Funtown Pier. All of these things are gone, but the heart is still there. Things will be better and the efforts made to improve since then have been wonderful. Casino Pier is in the midst of being fully taken down and rebuilt and action is happening all around. We are fortunate that the fire as a result of storm damage this past fall happened then as opposed to during the summer with a jam packed boardwalk. Things are looking up now.
Photo from Casino Pier
This past summer, Casino Pier utilized the upper part of the pier for some amusements. They took them back down for storage and are currently engaged in dismantling the current remainder of the pier. They are working to rebuild it from scratch
I hope to one day see this, the Seaside of my childhood be restored! The future is bright and I cannot wait to see the end result of all of this rebuilding. The shore needs our support though! Casino Pier and Lucky Leo's both have events that go on throughout the year. Go down to the Jersey Shore and have some fun! Autumn and Winter visits to the shore are fun. Once the spring and summer come, go down and play some games at the arcades (do that now too) and support the shore. You will have a blast and also help the rebuilding continue. 

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