Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Before and After Possessed Addition and Laser Removal

I was looking at an old construction photo of Possessed earlier

From a different set, but if you looked to the left in the first shot, you would see this view of Laser. Possessed (then Voodoo) operated for one season with Laser. It was no secret that Laser was on its way out at this point. For two or three years the ride was up for sale on ITAL International along with brother 80s ride, Demon Drop at Cedar Point. We all know how this ends up. 
I really miss Laser. We need another intense Schwarzkopf within driving distance of the Northeast.
The two constants in all of these shots are Steel Force and Thunderhawk. Steel Force is clearly the star of this shot, taken during at sunset during the holiday season. 

There goes my random for the day!

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