Thursday, May 1, 2014

Favorite Pre-1941 Coaster Poll Results!

With 20 votes out of 111, The Blue Streak was the overall favorite in this extensive list of existing coasters that were built in 1941 or earlier. This 1937 Vettel classic still delivers, especially after the extensive love it has received from Adams Amusements over the last few years. This coaster is in top form and you need to go cheek it out ASAP! I picked this winter shot because the coaster is not quite out of hibernation. It will be back with us on Memorial Day Weekend! The super steep drops on this coaster surely propelled it to the top of this list!
The Kennywood Jack Rabbit came in second with 19 votes. This double-dipping cliff diver is one of my all time favorites. The show of hands by these riders says it all!

The Kennywood Thunderbolt came in third with 15 favorite votes. I chose this photo because I believe it best represents both the Thunderbolt and the ride's previous configuration, the Pippin. This view is similar to what you would see when the coaster was originally built as the Pippin, minus the Phantom of course! 
The Dorney Park Thunderhawk and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Giant Dipper were both tied with 8. The remainder of the votes were scattered around, showing just how great these coasters are. These coasters deliver after so many years and it goes to show how important it is to preserve them. Each of these coasters makes up a lasting and important piece of our society and they have provided joy to many generations of individuals. 

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