Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kentucky Kingdom Storm Chaser Construction Update and Trip Report Labor Day Weekend 2015

Today we take a look at the construction of Kentucky Kingdom's new RMC Storm Chaser, coming to the park for the 2016 season in place of the park's former dual tracked CCI Twisted Twins coaster. Construction is coming along nicely and any day now we should see some track starting to be installed. In the mean time, the bare steel supports are looking pretty cool. Once Storm Chaser is completed, Kentucky Kingdom will be the first park to have two coasters designed by Ride Centerline. Lightning Run was also designed by Ride Centerline. The organization consists of the design team of: 
  • Alan Schilke: formerly of S&S Arrow, designer of RMC coasters
  • Ned Hansen: formerly of S&S Arrow
  • Joe Draves: formerly of GCI and the designer of the park's Chance Lightning Run Hyper GT-X Coaster

 No new footers or supports present in this section. 
 The outline of the supports from Twisted Twins is still recognizable.
 The first drop should be pretty awesome
 The bare ends look strange. I am excited to see what it will look like once it is done. 
 That is one giant mess of coaster supports.
 You can still make out the old structure pretty well.
 It will be neat to see the turn and first drop from this angle next year.
 Now on to the park's current newest coaster, Lightning Run, in its second season of operation. I was not sure what to expect from this Chance Rides and Joe Draves creation.
 In the mean time, here are the trains for the old Greezed Lightnin' Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop that was removed when the park reopened with the addition of Lightning Run. It surprised me that they held onto the trains. Was all of the track scrapped? I wonder why they have held onto the old trains.
 Heading to the entrance and ready to rush in to ride this!
 It is hard to tell that this park was closed for five years with how well the park has been rejuvenated and taken care of.
Almost there!
 Take heed of the warning, I am certain that this is the end result of not securing your electronic devices. This ride is certainly powerful enough.
 Airtime galore!
 This entire ride is ejector airtime galore. Wicked ejector air, fun maneuvers, and a feeling of great height, even with the ride not exceeding 100 feet tall. 
 Joe Draves and Ride Centerline did a great job designing this coaster for Chance Rides and I hope to see more of them get built. 
 The transitions are smooth AND intense
This mini version of the large overbanked turn on Phantom's Revenge is one of my favorite maneuvers on a steel coaster. The twisted nature of this ride is something else and it instantly places within my top tier favorite steel coasters. 
 The other thing that gets me about this ride is that the airtime seems to get more intense as the layout unfolds. 
 Lightning Run is a winner.
 Now for a moment to dip our feet into the wave pool.
Thunder Run time! I am not sure what John Fetterman, Summers, and RMC restoration did to this coaster that International Coasters Inc. was unable to do for Wayne and Garth and the Hurler coasters, but I will take it! Thunder Run delivers some excellent airtime.
 T3! New paint job and new trains. Looking great!
 The 121 foot Deep Water Dive, the world's tallest body slide.
 Now back to Lightning Run, the snap into that 80 degree drop is spectacular
The Ferris Wheel in the center of the park gives some awesome views.
 Now for some more rides on the world class Lightning Run!
We can't wait to see what the next Ride Centerline designed attraction, Storm Chaser, will be like. Just like their design with Lightning Run, Storm Chaser should also be a winner.

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