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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Knoebels October 12th, 2014: Impulse Update and Trip Report

The stars aligned well this weekend and I had the lucky opportunity to be driving by Knoebels. It is always a huge treat to be able to visit the park and it is especially wonderful seeing the autumn colors around the park. Here we can see some of the progress towards the new, Zierer designed, Impulse roller coaster. land clearing has finished, with the staple bumper boats and tank tag being removed. This coaster should bring excitement as guests enter the park for it will be located adjacent to the main walkway into the park and along the entrance road. The following photos will give you all of the dirt on this new attraction.
It appears that they are close to pouring footers for the new ride. The Power Surge ride remains under refurbishment, and they are in the midst of disassembling the Ferris Wheel for a full renovation and new lighting package that will really transform the entryway to the park. 
This Zierer built coaster with four inversions should prove to be a huge hit for this family park, now back to the present!

Knoebels is in the midst of their Hallo-Fun event! The fall colors mixed with the already beautiful setting of the park and fall decorations make this a really fun event. They do story telling for the young ones at the midway stage. 
The weather was perfect this past sunday!
While there was a decent crowd throughout the park, the Flying Turns was as huge a hit as it was on  opening day this year. 
The work that the Adams and Structural Technologies on Phoenix really broke in throughout the season. As phenomenally as the coaster ran at the start of the season, the coaster seems to be riding as fast as I have ever seen it. The ejector airtime on the return run was especially powerful. I rode in the third row "Schmeck Seat," the seat that many say gives the most powerful ride on any coaster designed by Herbert Schmeck.
The autumn colors were especially vivid. In addition to the fall decor and sights of the season, the park also had an array of different food offerings, including lots of apple cider and other products. 
After picking up some freshly roasted peanuts at the Stony Gables peanut stand, I opted to play a game of Fascination. There is no such thing as playing "just one game" of Fascination though!
I ended up winning three times.
The scenery was just beautiful!
The station of the Twister is really beautiful. I am really thankful that Knoebels takes such pride in their buildings and grounds.
The work that local company GCI did upon the Twister wore in as well as the Phoenix's. I opted for a front seat ride and really love the work that was done to the ride. I especially love the little signature GCI "teardrop" added to the bottom of the first drop. 
Unfortunately it was time to get back on the road, but I highly recommend checking out Knoebels in the fall, especially on a sunday. The crowds were relatively light and the rides were running phenomenally as always. I look forward to seeing how Impulse improves the park in the future. I also hope to see some action with the cliff at some point. It would be great to see a cliff traversing wooden roller coaster down the cliff someday, and/or possibly the addition of an Alpine Coaster like the one at Camelback, or even zip lines. I can see the addition of them being real hits for the park. In the mean time, I love the park that is here now and I am excited to ride Impulse!

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