Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wisp Mountain Coaster, October 19, 2014

One of our favorite things to do is to just go on random car rides. One place we have been meaning to check out was Deep Creek, Maryland. The weather was perfect and the autumn leaves were are at peak. We opted to head down through Ohiopyle State Park, PA on the way, and Cheat Canyon and Morgantown, WV on the way back. You can see more photos from our journey here. Now we will focus on the Wisp Ski Resort Mountain Coaster!
No tubing happening today! Just think that in not much longer than a month there will be snow covering this!
 The aerial obstacle course. People appeared to be having lots of fun on it.
 I am hooked on these mountain coasters now! After riding my first one at Camelback last week, I have wanted to ride more and more!  
 The coaster has a 1300 foot long lift hill. Awesome for taking in the views and your impending doom on the coaster.
The lift hill seems endless. I am no longer able to ski due to an injury from a while back, so these coasters are awesome because they get you right back onto the mountain. I can't wait to ride one of these when the slopes are in operation. The coasters have a cool design that enables them to be operated year-round.
Giant Helix! The switchbacking downward helix elements on these are really awesome. The brisk fall air had me imagining that this is what it feels like to bobsled or ride the luge. 
 You can see how it hugs the slope.

 Still not there yet!
 Getting there! The best part of the coaster is the immediate descent down the slope. It makes a steep hairpin turn as it starts. The out-of-control feeling on this coaster is amazing!
 That's one huge lift hill!
 Whoa what a rush! Here comes Brit!
 "I braked a little bit, so fast!" Yeah nope, I did not brake until the end.
 The coaster is buried in the trees in this shot. It is in the area of the right-hand side of the V-shaped slopes in this picture. I highly recommend taking a trip here to check out the mountain coaster. It is also pretty neat to see these ski areas literally in the quiet before the storm. 
 At the top of the coaster you get a beautiful view of Deep Creek Lake, seen here from the other side of the lake.
Take an adventure! You will definitely not regret it. 
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