Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Must See Non-Coaster Things: Ithaca, NY

Ithaca, NY is one of those most see places. It is incredible all around. The region has dozens of gorges, which are awesome waterfalls. This shot below is from Taughannock Falls in the winter. Any season it is awesome. In the winter you can see scenes like this, or in the summer, in a few of the waterfall areas you can swim, climb up the waterfalls and dive into giant pools under the waterfalls. It is really something else. 

 It is in the midst of the finger lakes, with hundreds of wineries with great views of the lakes and tons of vineyards. This one is Wagner's in Lodi, NY on Seneca Lake
Below is Lower Buttermilk Falls, really a pretty cool place. 

Brit is from Ithaca and we will be heading up there for Thanksgiving and that made me think of how awesome Ithaca is. It is a place you really should take a road trip and check out. The place is really like no other.

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