Sunday, November 17, 2013

Waldameer Offseason Updates Newly Painted Waterslides and Ravine Flyer II Retrack Loving! Plus fun along Lake Erie

We went up to Fredonia, NY to visit family and on the way back today, we stopped by a few places in the interesting weather and took in the sights. Among these sights are Barcelona, NY and the wonders of Waldameer in Erie, PA.
We love going through this area. It was weird seeing the grapevines all devoid of growth. Last week they were wrapping up harvesting for the season.  The weather was strange as we were heading back, right on the cusp of a storm line. The skies were truly spectacular. You can see a stray raindrop or two on the window I shot this photo through. 
All along the lake, in every small docking town, they have nice little lighthouses. This one in Barcelona, New York. We stopped for a little while just taking in the beauty of the small docking area. 
The entire area is vineyards, as far as the eye can see. Welch's grape comes from this region. There are also numerous wineries all scattered about. It makes for a really beautiful area along the lake. 
They have a re creation of a War of 1812 boat that they are trying to restore once again. Yeah I know that sounds confusing, but they are doing a funding drive to restore it. As you may or may not know, naval battles actually occurred right on the lake. 
This guy is pretty chill, even in the face of that impending storm. Also quite a bit more chill than it was just about 200 years ago in the midst of the war. Pretty crazy to think about it happening in such a relaxing place.
These three guys were pretty relaxed as well. The winds picked up enough though that they were actually blown off of the posts. 
Not before Brit could snap some shots though! The strangest thing about this storm was that the winds were blowing in from inland. 
Pulling up to Waldameer now, we could not believe how greatly the new colors on the slides made the park stand out! You could see them from almost a mile back!
To quote Rod Stewart "You wear it well" but nothing looks a little old fashioned with these slides!
The park focused even more upon retracking Ravine Flyer II, after this season was arguably as great, or even better than opening season! You can see the extensive retracking they did during the last offseason in the galleries on the Facebook page You can see it during the season, and a visit we made like this last spring. I cannot even imagine how much greater it will run next season! Nothing quite like PTC trains running on a well maintained track!
The ride, and Waldameer itself, were looking really lonely.
The bridge never ceases to amaze me, along with the wooded setting and views of the lake. 
This is a shot you cannot get once the trees are filled in! Also with the fact that the swings actually have no swings, making it look like a  giant spinning top.
The new slide colors look absolutely spectacular!
Front view! Expended enough energy on crutches getting out for the rest of the views, but all I have to say is wow on those colors. I love the multi-colors on the one slide. 
The twisted nature and brilliant engineering on this ride never cease to amaze me! I never took in this view because I was never in the passenger seat going under this before. Simply wow. 
What a drop! You can also see some solid retracking at the bottom!
So this is what Erie folks do? I laughed pretty hard at the strangeness of this billboard. 
Conneaut some other time! Boy I wish it were summer!

It is always fun driving on the Lake Erie Scenic Byway. It is something else with so many interesting things to see. I highly recommend taking the trip through there!

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