Thursday, June 5, 2014

DelGrosso's June 5th, 2014

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I had a surprise day off today and completed some work on our next project. I spent the morning working on that in Pittsburgh and then went to spend the afternoon at Lakemont for their five dollar wristband deal since this was the only weekday in the foreseeable future I could see myself being available to get to Altoona. Needless to say I was pretty excited.
I got to the park and had a real life Wally World moment.....
I misread the calendar online and found out that the park was closed. John Candy was not present so I moved along. Thankfully only 15 minutes further from the park is another wonderful little park, DelGrosso's!

 The park is lovely. They really care about the place, making everything look good, landscaping nicely, and more. Add in the fact that it is deep in the Allegheny Mountains and it makes for a lovely place to go. I attempted to have a hanging basket in the foreground of this shot and I am definitely not  caring too much for my picture now that I look at it. I was too into the delicious meatball sandwich that I was eating. The park's food is absolutely wonderful for the same family that runs the park also makes the delicious DelGrosso's sauces.
 The park's midway is lovely. They have a wonderful selection of family and kids rides. One of the games pavilions is in the foreground and the beautiful carousel shelter is the round-roofed building in the middle.
 The family rides were all very popular, but my thrill seeking self can never turn down the chance to ride on an ARM/Larson drop tower. They are the best drop towers in the business. They are not the tallest, but I take them over drop towers more than twice their size. 
 The Reverchon Spinner is awesome. I have often wondered why more parks have not added great family rides like these.
 The park's Spillman Carousel is my favorite attraction in the park. It is simply stunning.
 The park's new Music Express ride is not quite ready for action. It looks like it will be one wild ride though!
 As I was saying though, boy do I really love this carousel and the amazing shelter. 
 This may also be the only carousel that I can think of that has three rows of jumpers.

 The center machinery is also pretty minimal in addition to there also being no crawl space underneath the ride. This is a very unique machine.

 While I did not go to get wet, they have a fun little waterpark that folks seemed to be really enjoying. You can also see the beautiful mountains in the background. 
I highly recommend taking a trip to this awesome little park. It is well balanced with a decent selection of rides all around. The park's kids area seems to rival that of any other park. This is the type of place you can take the little ones on a full spectrum of rides and not break the bank doing it.


  1. The carousel also has the rare distinction of having always operated in its current, original, location. My understanding is that it is the only remnant of the "old days" of the park (prior to the 1940s when the DelGrosso family took it over).

  2. Yeah not many carousels remain in their original position after centuries of operation. Conneaut Lake's last-of-its-kind Harton carousel is like that as well.