Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dorney's Wildwater Kingdom Before and After Snake Pit

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So we have seen lots of changes in the last seven years in the area of Dorney Park's Wildwater Kingdom next to the wave pool, Jumpin Jack Splash, and the waterworks. For a while the focus was upon expanding into the parking lot, with the addition of Patriot's Plunge in 2003 (seen below, photo from the Dorney Park Fan Club) and the front wave pool in 2006.

Since the addition of AquaRacer in 2007, the area in which Snake Pit was added has sort of been in limbo. The marquee attraction in this spot, whose name escapes me, was removed at the same time of the addition of the AquaRacer waterside. None of the space was occupied by the Aquaracer, and the drop pool was maintained because the Jumpin Jack Splash Waterslides had their pool cascade into the pool. The initial plan was to put a Proslide Tornado in the spot back in 2007, but for one reason or another, that plan did not come into fruition. Instead they opted to add the large AquaRacer just across the midway. It seems like the older slides were slated for removal anyways, and they were quietly removed at the same time. These were my favorite slides in the park, but with how wild they were I am sure they were a huge liability. The landing pool was then converted into some sort of game thing that I never played and then later a club area if I am not mistaken. Anyways, here is the always awesome view of Talon from the waterpark, circa 2006.
Below you can see how the area looks now, opened up for a nice sitting area with a great view of Talon. (Both photos below are from the Dorney Park Fan Club)
If you compare this photo with the first photo, you can see how lots of new paint and rethinking of the area has created a much nicer environment.
Below are the original slides that occupied the snake pit location. At one point, a set of body slides also hung off of the side of this old slide complex.
Compared to now with Snake Pit. Big difference! I do not have a photo, but this spot was vacant except for the pool area for seven years. (below two photos from the Dorney Park Fan Club)
Who remembers the old clocks?
Another view of the spot. Big difference!
If we go way back to the beginning of the waterpark, we can see the old watersides with an addition set of body slides on the same complex. These slides are used during the halloween event for props, usually as a sea monster. EDSA Cloward did the engineering on this, as they did for the Universal parks. The mini-golf area is now Island Waterworks. The waterpark was planned out right. Most of the initial infrastructure is still used. This photo is from Newsplusnotes and they got the picture from EDSA Cloward. 

Quiz time for you Dorney fans, what was in this little area out front? (The supports are from Aquablast)

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