Monday, June 16, 2014

Lakemont Park June 15th, 2014

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There is nothing like a quick coaster ride to get the adrenaline flowing midway through a long road trip. We were headed back from Ithaca, NY for the weekend, and depending upon the route we take to Pittsburgh, we either cross through Altoona or Erie and opt to stop at either Lakemont or Waldameer accordingly. As it is most of the time, the park was empty which is great for visitors, but not so good for the park. You should surely drop by for a fun and inexpensive time. The park has a wonderful selection of rides, including the world's oldest roller coaster, Leap the Dips, and the Skyliner, a fantastic John Allen PTC creation that was transported south from the former Roseland Park in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The flat ride selection is excellent as well, rivaling and exceeding that of many larger size parks. They also keep them in great shape, leading to the rides also giving as good a ride as their identical counterparts elsewhere.
 The park also has a nice mini-golf course, a must for a relaxed park like Lakemont.
 Now for Lakemont's most famous resident, LEAP THE DIPS!
 There appears to be fresh wood throughout the entire course. Nearly every section had fresh wood.
 No time to ride today sadly.

 I love the vast expanse of flat rides in the midway, including the super-intense Chance Skydiver looming in the distance.
 Now to my favorite, the Skyliner!
 I really love this ride!
 Front seat ride and no more pictures! Next to the coaster, the Altoona Curve Baseball Team was doing Batting Practice. 
Go take a trip to Lakemont! You can get an all day ride pass for $9.95 on the weekend, or for only $5.00 for a midweek visit. 

Also, if you purchase our book using the drop down menu at the top of the page I will send you a free ticket to ride Leap the Dips or the Conneaut Lake Blue Streak!

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