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Waldameer and Presque Isle State Park June 22nd, 2014

So on a nice and lazy Sunday we decided to go for a ride up to Erie and visit the always awesome Waldameer Park! We wanted to get away for the day and this is a relatively easy place to drive to and an extremely affordable getaway. We went to the park last month, but there is really no such thing as too much Waldameer. Just look at this view from above, it is paradise! My photos were taken with my cell phone for I had a memory card issue with my good camera unfortunately. I did get this one shot in, my first test shot. I did not set up for the shot and get everything I wanted in it, who cares because the red train is about to go! My balance kind of stunk in these shots, my apologies. Lake Erie is not about to tip over, so don't worry!
Blue train! I got my bearings better on the shot I wanted, but of course, my camera opted to not work. Oh well!
High speed turn time!
Big time airtime!

 The fun and classic Comet, a wonderful Schmeck family coaster!
This park has a lovely and lively midway. A nice amount of people were in the park enjoying the wonderful weather.

 Ride time on Ravine Flyer!
 Getting ready!
 At this point the adrenaline is starting to run through my veins. I love this ride and love this park!
Brit's favorite thing is checking out the arcade games. We discovered Fascination at our last Knoebels visit and got hooked on it. This is not the same, but along the same lines and completely awesome! The last time we went to Waldameer I did not win, but this time I won almost every time! Brit did very well also. 

We opted to get some dinner and then take a ride into Presque Isle State Park. Waldameer is located at the entrance to the state park, located on an unspoiled peninsula in Lake Erie. We opted to first explore the inner wildlife refuge area before heading to the beach. We saw an otter, a turkey, a bunch of bunnies, and a bunch of birds. 
And a baby bunny!
Then we went and sat at the beach where Brit played with some of the bubbles we won at the arcade. She started off just whooshing bubbles around with the breeze and then like twenty kids came and had a blast catching the bubbles. Who could have predicted this? It was really funny.
Presque Isle is a beautiful place with endless recreational opportunities. There are tons of places to hike, bike, boat, kayak, swim, and just relax. Folks are so relaxed, providing for a very chill place to get away from the troubles of life.
And catching a sunset on one of the peninsula's beaches is just spectacular

We had initially planned to finish our time at Waldameer and then get dinner. We then ended up going into Presque Isle State Park. Waldameer was naturally the gatekeeper for us and we could not resist heading back in for a few more rides and games, along with freshly baked cookies and glasses of milk! We also got to see the beautiful new LED lights that we heard so much about from Mr. Paul Nelson, the Gormans, and Andrew from Waldameer. I have to say that they look absolutely amazing! Last year's changes to the entrance way with the addition of the Musik Express, revamp of the Scrambler, and the LED lights look absolutely spectacular and fresh! I feel that they add beauty to these classics while still maintaining their classic look.
Ravine Flyer is calling my name!
The drop tower looks stunning with its new LEDs. The Whacky Shack is Tracy darkride goodness as well. Our friend Randy does a wonderful job running and rehabilitating it.
Brit sat out RFII today because she had surgery a week ago and still needs to recover. She is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to arcade games though! It was her idea to head up to the park and it was a really awesome idea. The weather was perfect. Sunny and clear with a high of 78!

My last ride into the sunset. This is definitely the perfect sunset ride, with the second largest drop facing right towards the setting sun. Beautiful. That is me in the front seat with my arms up! You can also see the park's ode to the red, white, and blue, and to the Canadian flag. The skies were so clear that you could see Canada from the top of the lift.

That is one twisted ride!
The sun has dipped
And the lights look even more awesome! I am not sure how this park constantly makes awesome improvements, but it does. The first time I visited the park was before I became a transplant to Western Pennsylvania from Allentown, back in 2008 when Ravine Flyer II was new. We have visited every year since, multiple times most years, and each time the park looks even better. This park should be the envy of the industry in looking great. 

If you have not taken the trip to Waldameer, head there right away. It is a really wonderful place with some great rides and a perfect setting overlooking Lake Erie and Presque Isle State Park. The park is run by some wonderful folks and it is also very affordable. Ravine Flyer II is worth whatever trip it takes, the ride is really that amazing. In my humble opinion, it is as awesome as any coaster I have experienced.

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