Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Former Forest Park/Zoo Altoona/Gallitzin, PA

Welcome to Forest Park or Forest Zoo? Two paint jobs showing through on this sign. This creepy place was built back in 1962 and closed back in 1995. It was primarily a petting zoo, but it also had one of the popular roadside attractions of that era, a Fantasy Forest, similar to that of which Idlewild Park still has intact. This was an upstart attraction, starting off at a similar time to other roadside attractions of that time period such as Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster and some of the numerous Fairyland Forest attractions throughout the country. 
A family video of the park in action in 1989
From 1973 Pittsburgh Post: It is said to have had a safari, fantasy forest, and Petting Zoo.
This is one of the creepiest abandoned attractions that I have ever seen. Collapsed or partially collapsed buildings with creepy reminders of what this place once was. This would make for an excellent haunted attraction if there were any way to stabilize these buildings. Frankly these buildings need to be torn down because they are dangerous. One building has already completely collapsed. 
Fully collapsed.
 Security on a collapsed building?
Odd is probably the most accurate way of describing this place. It is creepy and looks like it has not been touched in decades. At this point it would probably be best if they tore this property down and left it as an abandoned lot. Buildings sitting in this condition are unsafe.

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  1. This place was close to my grandparent's house and I went there when I was about 4 or 5. There isn't much left of this place now.