Sunday, December 29, 2019

Candymonium: Views of Hersheypark's New Skyline

Hersheypark's latest addition is really making a tremendous impact upon the park's skyline. Candymonium, the park's new B&M hyper coaster will certainly prove to be a popular capacity monster to welcome guests to the park's brand new park entrance. 
 Note how Skyrush's lift hill is framed by the new coaster's lift hill. 
Some of Candymonium's stats, per RCDB.
Length: 4,636.0 ft
Height: 210.0 ft
Speed: 76.0 mph
Duration: 2:26
 The second hill looks like it will have great airtime.
 Here is the furthest point where they have supports in place. The turnaround will certainly provide lots of excitement for visitors as they pull into the parking lot.
 A little fisheye action to see the extent of the coaster's footprint. 
The entrance into that first drop looks like it will provide some serious airtime. 
The color scheme looks absolutely perfect. Frankly, it is a surprise to me that the park has taken this long to make a coaster themed to candy. 
 A closer look at the second hill. It should have some great and sustained airtime.
 I love the way the spine of B&M track articulates elements. Does anyone know if the track is filled with sand?
 A little crown comparison between Skyrush and Candymonium.
 The candy construction crew was really working hard at lifting the ride into place.
 A view from behind the new area, over to Candymonium. Notice how much of the new land sits untouched. This leaves lots of room for future additions in this new section of the park.
  A view of the course of Candymonium from beyond its furthest point.
A view from the hillside by Hershey Gardens. As the crow flies, this view is not even a mile from the coaster. The haze was quite strong when I took these shots.
 I can't wait to hear the sound of a B&M hyper train coming off of the anti-rollbacks at the top of the lift hill as it begins to head down the first drop.
 Fahrenheit looks much better with its new paint job. Storm Runner looks fresh too. Hopefully the paint will be much more durable this time around. This angle really shows how twisted Wildcat is. 
Another look at that fresh paint on Fahrenheit.

It is always worth taking a detour to see coaster construction in action. Candymonium looks like it will be a winner for the park. We cannot wait to see the coaster in action!
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