Saturday, February 22, 2020

2020 Waldameer and Waterpark Expansion Updates

Waldameer has steadily expanded for more than a decade. Each year, the park has continually expanded and improved. The 2020 season will be one of the largest additions to the park during this prolific building spree that has more than doubled the size of Water World, the park's waterpark by roughly tripling the amount of slides that the park has, adding a wave pool, a water play structure, and lots more. This year, several older body slides are being replaced with a state of the art Proslide Rally Racer six lane racing waterslide complex. 
The structure is in the midst of being constructed, and lots of slide parts are sitting in the parking lot, awaiting assembly.
A rendering of the ride, courtesy of Waldameer and Water World
The structure for the new slide complex.
Summer still feels like it is a long way off though! Here is a view of the epic Ravine Flyer II with a fresh blanket of snow
Here you can see last year's bowl slide addition.
We cannot wait to see what this will look like when the project is all done. In addition to this waterslide complex, they are also adding a little SBF Visa spinning coaster in the dry side of the park.