Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Knoebels Trip Report: September 2021: Phoenix in Top Form!

We have been fortunate to get to Knoebels as often as we have. We often end up being able to hit it en route on a road trip, but this time we spent the entire Labor Day weekend at the park. As always, it was lovely, but I have to say that Phoenix was running significantly better on this specific visit than it has in years. The airtime was back on every hill in the third row, with some airtime reappearing in double-up and double-down, something that has been conspicuously absent since re tracking work was done a few years ago. I used to switch back and forth between which coaster I loved more, between Phoenix and Twister, but over the last few years, Twister has been my clear favorite. On this visit, I loved Phoenix as much as I loved Twister. Both were running in top form. Twister has blown me away on every single ride for a very long time, but Phoenix was back to giving those mind-blowing rides, with the final airtime hills having ridiculously strong airtime. I am not sure what the difference was on this visit, because I rode this at the start of the season and it was not running anything like this. On a tamer day, Phoenix is still a fun family ride, but on days like this, it is a legendary thrill machine. 

Naturally, our first ride with CeCe was on the Pioneer Train.
Gawking at Twister before riding is always a treat. 
Just getting back to the station and heading over to Twister!
This machine ALWAYS delivers, and usually in a different way on each visit. It is a backseat ride all the way, with terrifically whippy lateral forces and transitions. The biggest drop has an awesome pop of ejector air in the backseat. It seems to always be running fantastically
Not to mention that it is CeCe's favorite coaster to watch. I would imagine that she wants to be like that dog from the 80s that rode American Eagle and other wooden roller coasters.
This was the first time that I rode Impulse in years because it was running two cars and moving lots of people through the queues. I really love it. The inversions are silky smooth and full of hangtime, the first drop has terrific ejector air, and the helix elements are reminiscent of the intensity of Schwarzkopf coasters. The seats are ridiculously comfortable too. This Zierer coaster is great and I prefer it to the Gerstlauer Eurofighters. 
I just love how much there is to do at Knoebels. As with any park with Fascination parlors, such as Indiana Beach, we were in and out playing on our two days at the park. 

CeCe was a little bit confused with the clown. 
We just love the park's Stein and Goldstein Carousel. We had not ridden it with CeCe before, since I forgot that it had chariots. This is such a fine little machine.

Phoenix standing in all its glory. Both of the park's traditional wooden roller coasters tie for number one for me with Voyage, Legend, Great White at Morey's Piers, and Ravine Flyer II. 
Something really special happens at the park once the sun sets and the lights come on. The park comes alive and so much of that old charm of the park just shines so brightly.
Phoenix, in its current top form, is especially incredible in darkness.

The park's carousel is such a beautiful machine.

I ended up taking a picture of every win for both of us, but I just included the best. I managed to win cover all!

Then we ran for another lap on Phoenix
Then Brit managed to win the next cover all game
Impulse looks so cool at night, especially with the LED lighting package on the sides of the cars. 

We got so many rides in on the Grand Carousel. 
And for the first time in my life, I caught the brass ring! Bucket list item completed.

All in all, it was a fantastic time at Knoebels!

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