Sunday, October 16, 2022

Knoebels Hallo Fun Weekends Trip Report 2022

We spent a recent autumn weekend at Knoebels for the Hallo-Fun Weekends and the Phoenix Phall Phunfest enthusiast event and had a great time as always. Not a whole lot new to report at the park, aside from some cosmetic stuff and the pad for the new Bayern Kurve getting built, but today's article will primarily be photos. 
Perhaps the most noticeable work that I saw for this year was adding rebuilt and additional bracing to the first turnaround on Twister. The photo below shows the turnaround before this work was done, and the photo after that shows the latest work. It is pretty impressive. They have basically redesigned the support system in this

A picture of the coolest spot in temperature of any coaster anywhere. 

CeCe, and our other new rescue pup, Buddy the Beagle, dressed up as Dinos for the Halloween festivities. 
So many beautiful autumn scenes at the park.
The Haunted Mansion, all done up for the holiday.
Impulse is so cool looking, but its paint job is definitely ready to be redone. 


Buddy and CeCe riding the Grand Carousel

Twister is riding terrific as always. Somehow this ride seems to get better and better each year. Backseat is absolutely wild, especially with that pop of airtime heading into the 2nd and largest drop. 
Autumn at Knoebels is such a relaxing vibe. 
Our two pups loved the rides. This was Buddy's first time riding and he was in awe. 

Phoenix was terrific as always, especially on those final airtime hills. On some rides I felt airtime on pretty much every hill, though each ride was noticeably different. Especially during the enthusiast ERT in the evening, with temps down into the 30s. It was pretty wild. 

Here is the pad for the Bayern Kurve. It is in place of 1001 Nacht, and you can't see within this photo, but it is within 30 feet of the splash zone of their splash down ride, Skloosh. I suspect that the electrical demons they faced with 1001 Nacht may have had something to do with the water splashing from Skloosh and I wonder if the Bayern Kurve will face these same issues too. If I were running the park, I would look at either moving or removing Skloosh if they want Bayern Kurve's electrical stuff to stay intact. It would be great to see this Midway have an anchor coaster attraction in place of Skloosh and have some of the groves moved around. 

We leave with a view of the fun Flying Turns. As always, visiting the park was great. 

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