Sunday, April 8, 2018

Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance Skyline Views

Today we take a look at the changes to the Cedar Point skyline with the addition of Steel Vengeance. Just under a month remains until the coaster opens to the pubic. Track work has completed and testing has begun. There is a marked difference in the skyline of the park with the completion of Steel Vengeance. The already massive, 161 foot structure of Mean Streak is now 44 feet taller with its conversion to Steel Vengeance. This makes it tall enough to be noticeably viewed from the front of the park.
Steel Vengeance and Maverick, as viewed from across Sandusky Bay.
 It was just a little too foggy to get a decent view from Huron of the Cedar Point skyline, though it was certainly noticeable.
Parking lot view of the skyline. We have not visited the park since the construction of Valravn. It is incredible that they have built two coasters that are 200+ feet tall in just a few years, and that the park now has six giant coasters that meet that mark.

Note that Steel Vengeance is now visible from the front of the park. Those extra 44 feet give it that extra push. It is still incredible to me just how much change you see in the skyline with the addition of Valravn.

Now for some views from across the bay.

Steel Vengeance and Maverick

 Valravn, Raptor, Windseeker, and more.
 The original big three, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and Magnum. 
A view of the entire skyline. It is neat to see the scale of just how far the skyline of the park stretches. From the front of the park at Gatekeeper, to the furthest point back at Steel Vengeance, the midway is just short of a mile long. We can't wait to get back to try out Steel Vengeance!

For more information about visiting the park, check out the park's website at