Monday, July 21, 2014

Brit's Cedar Point Report 2014

Brit's Trip Report - Cedar Point, July 2014

I don't usually have the time to write up a separate trip report for each amusement park visit, but since Dave has guilt-tripped me into this, here goes nothing! I mainly focus on taking photos during each trip, so my report will contain mostly photos!  

We headed to Millennium Force for our first ride of the day Friday, in order to ride that while the queue line was still short at that point.

Everyone flying by seemed to be having a blast on MF! MF is always one of my favorite rides due to the spectacular views from the lift hill, but it didn't seem quite as powerful as in the past, but that might just be me!

Mantis approaching the top of the lift hill; I hadn't been able to ride this the past few years due to the long waits it's had in the past, but on Friday, late afternoon, the queue line had dropped down, so I was finally able to get a ride in! Stand-up coasters aren't usually my favorite type of coaster, since the restraints tend to be located as high (or taller than) as the top of my head, where my head bangs against the sides of the restraints too much to make for an enjoyable ride experience. But Friday's ride on Mantis was pretty smooth!

Corkscrew heading down! We didn't ride this Friday, but I love the aesthetics of Arrow coasters and the sound of the anti-rollback clicks as the train heads up the lift hill!

Corkscrew heading through the corkscrew from the right-side view....

...and then the left-side view!

Dave getting his requisite drop tower ride in, although on the up-tower for a change of pace!

We managed to get several rides in on Raptor, since at one point it was a walk-on. I've always enjoyed riding Raptor, but it was never my absolute favorite until this most recent trip. It felt like the ride was much smoother than in previous years, and is now easily one of my favorite inverts (I'm hoping to get to Kings Island next summer in order to ride Banshee for a comparison).

Up, up, and away! Or as Dave would say, "feet kicking the sky!"

More Raptor shots, since this was catching my eye on Friday....

This is my favorite shot from the trip, as you can see from our updated cover photo on our Facebook page.

And we'll segue to Blue Streak with this shot of the Blue Streak train peeking through Raptor's inversion.... 


...and again!

Here goes Dave in the front of Blue Streak....

...and he's still there! I didn't ride Blue Streak during this visit, since I really disliked it last year, but Dave reports that it was much smoother this year compared to last year.

Ok, so now for a series of GateKeeper shots. B&Ms were the focus of my photos Friday for some reason :)

View of the park from the Ferris Wheel.

maXair swinging away!

Wicked Twister twisting on up!

More Wicked Twister and some WindSeeker!

MF going over one of the hills!

Another view of the park from the Ferris Wheel!

Carousel selfie with my camera!

View of the MF drop from the train.

Maverick drop!

Maverick inversion! Not too much head-banging this time around when I rode, after I had to awkwardly brace myself on this ride. I really wish they'd update the OTSRs on this!

Mean Streak! Not too much that was "mean" about this ride after the work they must have completed in the off-season, it was pretty tame compared to when I rode it last summer!

That's Dave with his arms up on Magnum! I love this ride, but cannot tolerate more than 1 ride per day on this due to the restraints bruising my legs, unfortunately. I love the airtime on this ride though!!!

More Magnum!

Top Thrill Dragster! We managed to get in two rides on this during our visit, thanks to one of my three Plinko "Front of the Line" pass wins! Such an addicting game!

View of GateKeeper between the keyholes and the park during the evening! This was a great trip! I love the atmosphere of Cedar Point!

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