Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Favorite 21st Century CCI, GCI, or Gravity Group Coaster Results and October Poll


In a landslide, the Holiday World Voyage was voted favorite out of the 21st century class of wood coasters. Garnering nearly 32 percent of the vote out of the twenty-one coasters listed, this was the first true runaway winner we have seen in one of our polls. This 6442 foot long, Gravity Group coaster, has topped many polls since it was built back in 2006.
With just over 18 percent of the vote is the coaster tied for my second favorite wooden roller coaster spot, the Gravity Group designed, Waldameer Ravine Flyer II. This ride also provides a mind-blowing experience, with a twisted track, phenomenal airtime, and a bridge over a four-lane highway. If you also have a soft spot for scenic overlooks and beautiful views, Ravine Flyer is built upon a bluff overlooking Lake Erie. 
Hersheypark's Lightning Racer came in third place with 11.5 percent of the vote. This is one of the most picturesque coasters out there, with great attention placed upon aesthetic detail. Seldom do you see a coaster so immersive, not only in the experience of the racing and dueling trains, but also in the care to laying out the station well, track lighting, and more. It is clear that GCI put a huge amount of effort into detail. Chris Gray, one of the founders of the new Skyline Attractions company, worked for GCI up until this year. When we interviewed him for our book, he talked about how much attention GCI places into the aesthetics of their coasters to not only create great rides, but to transform midways with dynamic and immersive attractions that are beautiful.
Garnering just over 8.5 percent of the vote is the new GCI White Lightning at Funspot. This coaster is definitely one I would like to check out. Just behind it at just over 7.5 percent are the CCI Lake Compounce Boulder Dash and the newest coaster on the list, the new Gold Striker at California's Great America. This is a really decent showing for a coaster that is this new. I've heard nothing but positive reports about this ride. GCI's Dollywood Thunderhead received roughly four percent of the vote. The Gravity Group Kemah Boardwalk Bullet garnered 3 percent of the vote, GCI's Six Flags Magic Mountain Apocalypse and the Worlds of Fun Prowler received two percent of the vote. Rounding out the vote with each receiving under one percent of the tally were:
Six Flags St. Louis Boss
Holiday World Legend
Indiana Beach Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain

Gravity Group
Mt. Olympus Hades

Out of the five Gravity Group coasters in the poll, four received votes for favorite out of the group with a total of just under 54 percent of the vote.

Out of the seven GCI coasters in the poll, five coasters received favorite votes to tally at roughly 34 percent of the vote.

Of the seven CCI coasters in the poll, four received votes.

This was an interesting poll. It says quite a bit for the coasters with 14 of the 21 coasters built by these companies receiving votes for favorite out of the group.

The October poll is on the right hand side of the page. The question asks what your favorite 1970s era mega park is.

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