Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Former Keystone Park, Sayre, PA: A Postcard View

Opening in the early 1900s and closing in 1919, Keystone Park was once located in the town of Sayre, PA, right on the New York and Pennsylvania border. This trolley park was created by the Waverly (NY), Sayre, and Athens Traction company with the intent to boost weekend ridership. According to this book, the park was home to a number of primitive attractions, food stands, and the most popular attractions at the park were the shooting galleries. The additional postcard images in the book oddly remind you of a park located two hours due south, Knoebels. Postcard from my personal collection.
Keystone Park
 "Published by Dimock & Sullivan, Sayre, PA
The park was home to a figure eight coaster, similar to Lakemont's Leap the Dips. Here is an image of the park's coaster from RCDB. The cited source of the postcard image is from the Sayre Historical Society.
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