Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kennywood June 6, 2015: Roller Coaster Race and New Ride Update

Today we take a look at the Roller Coaster Race at Kennywood. This was a pretty awesome event that I hope become an annual tradition. It was nice being at the park at the crack of dawn, seeing hundreds of people come out to run through the midways of the park. For those of you who raced, message me through our Facebook Page, or through my email and I can send you a picture or two of you racing. I got most of the runners, so message me your racing bib number, which race you were in, and what color shirt you were wearing.
 It is almost time!
 Mile 3 for the 5K, and just beyond mile 6 for the 10K race. This part was the final approach to the finish line.
 A dormant Garfield's Nightmare, one of the oldest rides in the nation and one of the last remaining Old Mill rides.
 Sky Rocket also dormant as well, awaiting runners and riders
 Mile 6 for the 10K participants. 
 Time to cast aside the rules of the midway for a morning
 Jack Rabbit test running while its riders are out running themselves.
Now to the park's mystery project. Many rumors are circulating about this. The rumors say that this will be a 4D darkride or theater production. The only thing confirmed is that it will not be tied to Simpsons branding. They were hard at work on this new attraction. This photo was taken around park opening and the next photos were taken in the afternoon.
 Lots of facade work. 
 I am intrigued as to what this will be.
After getting my first ride of the day on Sky Rocket, I headed over to the ride that is tied for my favorite steel coaster of all time, Phantom's Revenge!
 Thunderbolt beckons while I wait for my front seat ride.
 Thunderbolt's NAD trains always look so awesome.
 Phantom riders plunging 85 miles per hour on a 227 foot drop down a giant cliff. The world's tallest terrain coaster is one of the most awesome coasters ever made.
 Modern meets classic.
 The train getting ready for the huge plunge
Meanwhile, Thunderbolt is getting ready to take its own large plunge down the cliff right out of the station. The coolest thing about Kennywood is how eccentric and unique the layouts of the park's coasters are. No other park has coasters with layouts that are even similar to Kennywood's.
 The view down the cliff to the river.
 One of my favorite parts of the ride, the giant overbanked turn at the bottom of the cliff drop. The way it leads into another huge hill is just phenomenal. The new magnetic brakes done by Irvine-Ondrey really smoothed out the stop at the end of the ride. 
 The Log Jammer and Racer
 And my favorite wooden coaster in the park, the Jack Rabbit. The backseat jolt of airtime on this ride  is as good as any other coaster I have ever experienced.
 The park's stunning Dentzel Carousel. A true work of art.
 The carvings are so beautiful and elegant.
 I hope the Roller Coaster Race becomes an annual event at the park. The event was so much fun.

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