Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Knoebels Trip Report, May 14th, 2016

We happened to be driving along Route 80 last weekend and naturally we needed to make a stop at Knoebels. The weather was looking nasty as we were going, and we contemplating not stopping, but we figured we would take a chance. We got to within a half mile of the park, and the nasty weather stopped. It's been said that there seems to be a weather forcefield around the park, and that certainly seemed to be the case. We ended up spending about two hours at the park, so much for a short rest stop, but it was well worth it. The park was in top form and buzzing as it begins its 90th season as a central Pennsylvania staple. 
The Phoenix standing in all its glory. 
The park's latest coaster addition, Impulse, thrilling riders with its awesome ejector airtime and inversions.
Brit playing our favorite game, Fascination!
And it took her one game to win!
The Lawrence L. Knoebel Covered Bridge, dating back to 1875, in the fine tradition of Knoebels, the bridge was purchased and reconstructed here in the 1930s. 

Flying Turns! This re-creation of a long lost style of roller coaster is still very popular as it enters its third full season.
Now off for a little adrenaline rush before we hit the road on Twister! It received lots of track work for the 2016 season.
The structure on this giant always looks so majestic. As it enters its seventeenth season, it is still the longest coaster in Central Pennsylvania.

There was a pretty nice crowd at the park for a Saturday in May. There is something really special about this park when there is a crowd. The place really seems to come alive.
Twister's station is the most majestic in the business. Between the beautiful wood work, the curved station track, the giant swooping drops of the ride's spaghetti bowl encircling the station, and more, this is easily the most beautiful station that I've ever seen.
Twister was as boss as it always is.
After some more Fascination action, it was time to head back onto the road for the rest of our ride to Pittsburgh. 
It is all of the little touches that make Knoebels so special. The fact that they built a covered bridge within the park, to add beauty to infrastructure like this, is something that sets this park apart from the rest. After a lifetime of coming to this place, I always see something new that I take a moment to appreciate. This place is so special, between all of these special details, in addition to people being able to walk with their dogs in the park, Knoebels is a place like no other.

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