Sunday, April 7, 2019

Steel Curtain Construction Update: April 7, 2019

Another week of progress has gone by. It seems that things are moving a little more slowly this week, or at least the progress was not as visible this week. There was a crew hard at work on one of the lifts, seeming to be looking at roughly the same spot that they were looking at at this point last week. The main difference between these pictures and pretty much all of my prior shots is that there was a hint of sunlight, making for slightly more dramatic shots and better overall lighting. I am getting antsy at this point and cannot wait to see the coaster fully come together. 
 The crane was just lifting the workers up, with their concentration being set upon the Banana Roll Element. This is the exact same spot that they were looking at last week. 
Back to an 18MM View

Next we headed down to the other side of the river in Braddock, at the Braddock Lock and Dam Boat Launch. Here is the new view of the skyline. This view was always impressive, but now it is even more so with the imposing Steel Curtain. We also caught a glimpse of them doing some test runs on Thunderbolt. Just as the birds are chirping with the start of spring, the sounds of Kennywood are beginning to come alive as well. This specific location is great for hearing the sounds of the park. You can hear most of the coasters from this location, from the clicking of Thunderbolt up the lift hill, to the sounds of screaming riders on Phantom, to the whistle from Noah's Ark, and the horn from the Bayern Kurve, everything echoes down to this spot. When coupled with the sounds from the adjacent Edgar Thomson Steel Works, this is pretty neat spot. Hearing a Thunderbolt train on this visit was really great.
 Another week is in the books and Steel Curtain is looking absolutely amazing.

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