Monday, July 8, 2019

Steel Curtain Views

Since our last update, track construction has been completed and testing wrapping up. It is set to open this weekend and it is testing around the clock. Things are coming together nicely and finishing touches are being worked on as we speak. The photos speak for themselves on the latest progress. 
 The massive inversions should be quite fun.
 Banana roll action!

 This is one of my favorite spots to take in the action of the park from outside the park boundaries. It is located across the river in Braddock and you get a great view on so much of the action at the park.
Now we head into the park itself. This view is from the parking lot. The new coaster is seriously imposing from all angles and really builds anticipation when entering the park. As you get closer to the ride itself, the ride feels tucked into a nice corner without imposing upon the classic feel of the park.
This prototype coaster feels like the synthesis of S&S design elements, with Arrow influences. The tallest inversion is referred to as a Drachen-Fire Dive Drop, alluding to the Arrow influence, but its appearance and drop look similar to the quirkiness of an S&S El Loco.
 This spot will be so exciting on the midway.
 The signs are in place.

 The midway entrance coming together.

We are eagerly waiting to ride!

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