Sunday, May 23, 2021

Waldameer Trip Report May 2021

Today we take a look at a visit I made to Waldameer last weekend. As always, Waldameer and Ravine Flyer II delivered. I had the day to myself and started off with fishing (a hobby I had not done for ten years prior to this year) and then planned to spend the rest of the day at Waldameer. By the time I wrapped up fishing, it was starting to lightly sprinkle rain. 

This did not seem to hold back the crowds though. The park was hopping more than I had ever seen it on a May weekend. It was really great to see. Because of the sprinkling and rain, I opted to leave my camera equipment behind and just used my phone. We did not end up getting to the park last year, though we have visited every year since Ravine Flyer II opened. 


I know that I always say this, but Ravine Flyer II was running as awesome as ever. Better than ever. The entire first drop has been re tracked and the train flew through the entire intense and airtime filled course. The layout is just so brilliant with airtime on every hill and really wicked laterals. Thanks to the upkeep on this ride, it remains an airtime filled and disorienting romp in its thirteenth year. 

I also got a new "credit" on this trip, as much as I hate using that term, with their new SBF Visa spinner. It feels like this one spun more than the other ones I have ridden, though that may have been because I was alone in my car and it was not balanced. It was really pretty awesome. I saw the rumor that Casino Pier will be adding and SBF Visa spinner with a hamster wheel cars. It would be cool to see these get added to the ride as well. 

To me, one of the greatest things of the summer season is getting at least a few visits in at Waldameer. Ravine Flyer II seems to get better with age and riding it is always such a great thrill. 

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