Monday, June 19, 2023

Twister Track Work Update and Knoebels Trip Report, June 2023

 We started off our summer road trip at Knoebels as a quick stop on our way up to Lake Compounce then down to the Jersey Shore and the Eastern Shore for a relaxing vacation. Knoebels was a last minute add, but you just can't pass up getting a rest stop halfway at Knoebels. I am glad that we stopped too, because Lake Compounce ended up having just about nothing open on the day we visited, which was very disappointing since we have never ridden Boulder Dash. Thankfully, Knoebels took care and priority in having their rides running.

Knoebels is the same old awesome park as always. They completely rebuilt the track on both helix sections in the spaghetti bowl of Twister, after doing some major structural work and bolstering around it in the last few years. It is always pleasant to see how much care the park puts into the coasters. The train itself though seems to lose some momentum in this section now though, which is particularly noticeable at the end as it coasts into the final break run. 
I will be curious to see how the coaster rides as it breaks in over the coming year. Instead of being the out of control and super intense ride it has been over the last few years, it is a more leisurely and fun ride. I love it either way, just would love to see it gain back its intensity as the season wears on. I did not snap a picture, but the new Bayern Kurve ride is still in the midst of being assembled.
After riding Twister, we went and played Fascination. We went on the half hour a few times and Brit won Coverall two times in a row! What a great way to kick off the road trip vacation. 
On the flip side, for the first time in many years, Phoenix took back my heart from Twister. For a while I went back and forth on which one I loved more, but for the last 5 years or so, I preferred Twister. This year Phoenix won me back. They did not do a ton of trackwork on it this year like they have in other years, and the track has worn in pretty nicely. Some great surprise pops of ejector early on in the layout that have not been there in a while, and the final run is as strong as ever. 
Always love seeing these majestic PTC trains. There is nothing quite like a wooden coaster running in top form with PTC trains.
We wrapped up with a ride on the carousel and a late yummy lunch at the Alamo Diner before we headed off to Lake Compounce to be pretty disappointed. 

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