Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our newly released book! Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip

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With the official release at the GOCC party today, here is the announcement we have told you about for the last few days. After many years of photo taking, a long time of having the concept and some drafts together and then getting a serious injury that gave me the sitting around time necessary to kick this into gear, we have created our book "Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip: A Photographic Road Trip Highlighting Pennyslvania's Historic Amusement Parks and Some Interesting Places." We have spent thousands of hours writing, editing, researching, compiling thoughts and completing interviews with so many awesome and important folks in our industry, including ride manufacturers, designers and park pioneers. Also included are quotes from huge park fans and even the great Rick Sebak of WQED! The fruits of our efforts are finally realized and it makes me a little emotional thinking about it.

We have created this book as a blueprint to visiting all of the historic and wonderful amusement parks the state of Pennsylvania has to offer. This state has more wooden roller coasters than any other state in the nation and every single one of these coasters is covered in depth throughout our book. We also cover other classic rides and modern thrills as well. What better thing to do before or after visiting a park than visit some of the wonderful neighboring attractions to these parks? We cover many neat local landmarks to the parks that you may have not even known existed.

From start to completion, working on this project was a joy and I am glad to offer you the fruit of our toils. The book is available. The drop down menu at the top of the blog or bottom of the post shows you what to do to get your hands upon our work. Thank you!
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