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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poll Results: Arrow Megalooper

Vortex Kings Island
  54 (41%)
Viper Magic Mountain
  17 (13%)
Anaconda Kings Dominion
  15 (11%)
Shockwave SF Great America
  7 (5%)
Great American Scream Machine Great Adventure
  18 (13%)
Viper Darien Lake
  8 (6%)
Dragon Mountain Marineland
  10 (7%)

The runaway favorite, which is also my favorite, is the Kings Island Vortex! I love this ride. I love the way it uses the terrain, the order of inversions and more. This ride can go head to head with most roller coasters. This Arrow megalooper is still terrific, even as it approaches 30 years old. I would take it over many modern loopers. I also think this and Magnum are the best Arrow coasters. 
The second favorite is the long-extinct Great American Scream Machine. 
In 3rd is the SFMM Viper. Photo from Joyrides
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