Friday, April 11, 2014

A look into the past: Dream City Wilkinsburg

On this site in Wilkinsburg, just outside of Pittsburgh, from 1908-1916 lived an amusement park named Dream City. This park was part of one of the first park chains, similar to the former nearby neighbor, Luna Park in Oakland. This was another trolley park, built to boost trolley ridership. It did not have a coaster built on the site, but it did have some rides. The main attraction was a dancehall. a staple that has pretty much disappeared in modern amusement parks.
Below are views from 1908

Both postcard images from

With this site being empty once again, I believe it would be ideal for another amusement park to sprout up. The site and the location near the Allegheny could almost make this like the Kennywood of the Allegheny. I would love if they put a park over here, put people to work, and brought amusement park joy back to that area.
Until recently this site was a shopping center that failed and was recently torn down. Can we give it another go as an amusement park?
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