Tuesday, April 15, 2014

White Swan Update Part II: Ride Whereabouts

Our friend Sam, a ride distributor/middleman for both new and used rides, filled us in on some of the buyers of the White Swan Park rides. Here is a copy of the auction flyer from Norton Auctioneers. The name may sound familiar because they recently held the auctions at both Geauga Lake and Erieview Parks. They have conducted auctions at dozens of other defunct parks as well.

The biggest surprise for me was that Arrow made the carousel. It was an aluminum carousel that was sold to Legend City in Phoenix, Arizona. I am trying to research what happened with that carousel because Legend City is supposed to have closed in 1983 and the auction was not until 1989.

At the auction, the train went to a man looking to move it to a kiddie park in Schereville, Indiana, the Ferris Wheel to a man looking to move the ride to Michigan, the bumper cars to an antique center in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, the Picnic Tables to Kennywood, the Galaxy to Joyland Park, and the Mad Mouse to Lakemont. At this point, the only things that we know are that the Galaxi is still in operation at Joyland and that the Mad Mouse was removed in 2003 at Lakemont.

rain, $30,000 went to Frank Sauzer, Schererville,, Ind for a kiddie park. Ferris Wheel, $13,000, Bob Easley, of Pittsburgh to go to Michigan. 16 bumper cars, $3,500, South Hills Antique Center, Castle Shannon, PA. 75 picnic tables, $60 each,Kennywood Park. Carousel, $24,000, Legend City Park, Phoenix. Galaxy, $140,000, Joyland Amusement Park. Mad Mouse, $9,500, Lakemont Park.

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