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Friday, August 1, 2014

July Favorite 1998 Coaster Results and August Poll

The July "Favorite Coaster from the Class of 1998" poll results are in! Be sure to vote in our August poll, "Favorite ACE Landmark Coaster" on the right-hand side of the page!

Collecting 24 percent of the vote, the Intamin Kings Dominion Volcano came in first place. I can't say that I disagree with the vote, because it is my favorite of the bunch too though. All of these coasters are pretty awesome though!
 In a close second place, garnering 20 percent of the vote, was Great Bear. This and Volcano are two of the most unique inverted coasters out there. Volcano launches you out of a building styled like a Volcano, and B&M's Great Bear utilizes the terrain, flies over the tree tops, over the creek, and utilizes some pretty cool footchopper elements
In third place, holding eleven percent of the vote, is one of the most unique wooden coasters out there, along with one of the largest, Michigan's Adventure's Shivering Timbers. (Photo from RCDB)
Six Flags Magic Mountain's Riddler's Revenge took in 8 percent of the vote. This is considered by many to be their favorite B&M stand-up coaster. (Photo from RCDB)
The Kentucky Kingdom Twisted Twins, another CCI creation, garnered 6 percent of the vote, rounding out the top five vote gatherers. I look forward to seeing these come back to life, however they are brought back, once 2016 rolls around!
Eight (10 if you count the Mr. Freeze and Chiller Coasters as two each) other coasters all tied with roughly 5 percent of the vote, including the Alton Towers Oblivion (B&M), Six Flags America Roar (GCI), Great Adventure Chiller (Premier), Alabama Adventure Rampage (CCI), Funtown Excalibur (Another CCI, boy CCI and B&M were prolific that year), the two Mr. Freeze Coasters at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis (Premier),  and the Worlds of Fun Mamba (Morgan)

The last vote unaccounted for was one for the Great America Invertigo (Vekoma) which now resides at Dorney Park as Stinger. Of the five Vekomas in the poll, Invertigo was the only one to get a vote. 

Roughly Rounded Percentage of vote by manufacturer

B&M coasters (Three coasters) received 33 percent of the vote
Intamin Coasters (One coaster) received 24 percent of the vote
CCI Coasters (Four coasters) received 21 percent of the vote (CCI is defunct, but most of those involved with the company are now with Gravity Group)
Premier received 10 percent of the vote
GCI (One Coaster) received 5 percent of the vote
Morgan (One Coaster) received 5 percent of the vote

Ok, enough crunching of the numbers and onto our August poll! With all of the excitement around the Kennywood Thunderbolt being designated an ACE Coaster Landmark, we will vote for our favorite of the ACE Coaster Landmarks for our August Poll. You can vote on the right-hand side of the page!

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