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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Short Conneaut Picture Update, August 17th, 2014

We really love Conneaut Lake and it is greatly improved each time we go! It seems like each time we go, another ride is operating again and the place looks a bit cleaner and more lively. Additionally, each time we go it seems that the Blue Streak is slightly better. It is in really good hands with the Adams and a project of this magnitude is no easy feat. I really hope that a solution can be come to, because I feel that if the park continues to improve at this clip and the debt burden is resolved, this park should thrive as a solid and affordable place to spend an afternoon or weekend. Conneaut is a park that has really grown on me. The weather today was exceptional as well. Here are write-ups from our other two visits this season: June Visit and July Visit.

I really did not have a penchant for centering my photos today, in case you haven't noticed!  
 We arrived at opening and were greeted by the Flying Scooters and the Paratrooper!
 Cannot wait to get some Blue Streak laps in!
 We saw the Roller Ball game open and had to stop. Brit won by about five feet.
 Our first stop was the Devil's Den gravity fed Darkride. Fun as always! I am very proud to have helped restore this. Lenny from Conneaut and Adams Amusements did even more work on it last offseason and it is pretty awesome.
Taking a look over at the recently repainted Kiddieland sign. Little did I know that was our friend Mike walking through there. We would end up chatting at the Blue Streak and taking a ride together. Today they even had the famous pony rides running! Whenever you talk with someone who grew up at the park, one of the first things that their memories go to is those pony rides. I hope that children of the future are able to make those same sorts of memories at the park. 
 Drop time! One of the coolest things about the Devil's Den Darkride is the fact that it is basically a roller coaster.
 Getting ready to drop again!
 We were about to hop on, so no photo of that car dropping.....Oh well!

Now onto the Blue Streak! We started off with a front seat ride, which was awesome as always. We ran into some of our friends, including Eric, as they were heading back from their excursion to Wildwood and the rest of Wildwood, NJ.
....And heading back on the next ride was our friend Mike and his crew! We would end up taking a backseat ride together. The backseat ejector airtime was especially fantastic today! I held my arms up as I always do, but this time the airtime was so intense that I quickly put my arms down and held on for dear life! It was absolutely awesome! Mike said that the coaster was easily one of the best he has ridden. I have to say that I agree with him! The coolest thing about roller coasters is the fact that there are just so many awesome choices out there. Blue Streak's intense ejector airtime today was easily among some of the strongest I have ever experienced. 
 After strolling the midway for a while and checking out the band down in the grove by the beach, we headed back to take in the turnaround on the coaster. They recently did work on this section of the ride and it really shows. Lots of fresh wood!
 With this work, that one twisted airtime hill transition thingy, my least favorite part of the ride before, was definitely improved. The quick lateral forces on it were pretty awesome.
We hope to be able to get back to the park for their Ghost Lake Halloween Event. That should be pretty awesome and we hope everything works out for it to go on again. 

As usual though, for us, we cannot make a stop at Conneaut without taking a slight trip west on Route 6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, the famous Route 6, and going to feed the fish and birds at the famous Linesville Pymatuning State Park Spillway! The sign says we are pretty far from Coney Island, where we were just last week! I would like to take a road trip sometime from end to end on both Route 6 and Route 30, but that will have to wait.
"Where the ducks walk on the fish"

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