Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conneaut Lake Park Wintry Views

Our destination for Valentine's Day Weekend was the Hotel Conneaut for their Valentine's Day Dinner and lodging. Valentine's Day doubles as our anniversary as a couple. Six years together and we will be getting married in July! 

The staff was accommodating for our overnight stay. This 122 year old Hotel has quite a bit of charm. If you are expecting a five star resort, this is not the place, but if you love history and beautiful views, you will love this place. You can see more photos on our Interesting Pennsylvania page.
The carousel and Blue Streak station. 
 The Carousel pavilion.
 The Devil's Den dark ride, the only remaining gravity fed Pretzel Dark Ride.
 The midway
 The NAD train on the Blue Streak.
 The majestic front of an NAD train. 
 The Blue Streak lift hill, minus a few feet from the giant snow drifts....
 The Turtle, one of only two remaining Traver Tumblebugs in operation.
 This is what a drop with ridiculous airtime looks like!
Now over to the parking lot side of the park. Here you can see the Chance Toboggan. This is going to get moved at some point in the future. In the mean time it is sitting and waiting to be moved. I would love to see this get used in the park again, or any park again, for it is one of only three that remain. It would be cool to see this go out onto the carnival circuit again.
 The Blue Streak is threatened right now. I hope it remains for generations to come. Everything at this point looks like the park will be opening again in May.
 Turn around! The turnaround was originally designed by Vettel to be only roughly six feet from the ground. It was redesigned at one point by John Allen of PTC to be raised after the turnaround was found to be too intense for the average rider. This is a white knuckled thrill machine. I challenge you to ride in the backseat the next time you go to the park. 
And off we go again!

The park is set to open on May 22nd, according to the park's brand new website.

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