Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Waldameer Wintry Views and Waterpark Expansion Update

This weekend we went up to the Erie region for a relaxing Valentine's Day weekend. Our first stop was the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle State Park and Waldameer.
What do the foxes at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center say?
 "Check out the view!" Whoa! Ravine Flyer II is always stunning to look at. The way they fit this twisted masterpiece through the valley of this ravine is nothing short of amazing. 
 It was a really snowy day. The snow was picking up as we took these shots. I can't wait to ride this airtime filled giant again come spring time. You can't beat the succession of sharp curves, giant drops, and assortment of wicked airtime.
 Here is the powerful turnaround. The blue that you can see through the supports is the bridge that goes over the Peninsula Drive four lane highway.
 You can't beat the view from the top of this 115 foot drop, looking over Lake Erie and the peninsula of Presque Isle State Park. 
 The Ferris Wheel greets us on National Ferris Wheel day, a day of rest for all Pennsylvania Ferris Wheels.
 The turnaround as seen from the bird observation area at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.
Now we take a look at the construction for the 2015 waterpark expansion and new entry gate. This area will look completely different come opening time. A large portion of the parking lot is now going to house a wave pool and new entrance gate. In coming years there will be a bunch of new waterslides added as well.
 The new building will house changing facilities and food concession.
 The fence on the edge is the new park boundary. The new entrance will be off to the right of where this photo was taken from. There will still be parking in the area beyond the fence.
 In between the top of the green slide and the pavilions, you can see where the new entry way will be. It is currently under construction under covers to protect it from the elements.
 Here you can see the new changing facilities and food stand.
Here is the wave pool under construction. Blizzard conditions on a Saturday did not stop the workers from plugging away. The wave pool is being built with two tiers and a peninsula to boost capacity on more busy days, and to have the ability to close one side and lower costs on slower days. The wave pool is an exact copy of a wave pool at Holiday World. Look for new waterslides around this wave pool in coming years. 
Our next stop will be a journey through Presque Isle State Park here on our other page, and then we will head down to Conneaut Lake Park to spend the evening in the Hotel Conneaut and get some views of the park after this blizzard.

One more view of Ravine Flyer!

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