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Monday, March 10, 2014

Favorite Three Steelies Informal Poll Results

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On Facebook we asked an easy but hard question, what are your favorite three steel coasters? We found a wide variety of answers. The best result to take away from this poll is that far and away, the favorite steel coaster is usually a Hyper or Giga coaster. I agree with the results for they are my favorites as well. Here are some stats:
47 coasters were represented as favorites
10 manufacturers were represented, including:

  • B&M with 20 of the 47 favorite coasters with the oldest of them in the poll being Raptor at 20 years old.
  • Intamin with 13 of the favorites and the oldest in the poll being at tie between Millennium Force, SFA Superman and SFNE Bizarro (Superman) at 14 years old. 
  • Arrow with 5 of the favorites, showing that the investment in a roller coaster is something that will last for generations. Except for X2, the other rides mentioned as favorites range in age from Magnum being 25 years old at the youngest to the Matterhorn Bobsleds being 55 years old. After many decades these coasters are still favorites, especially Magnum, the second favorite coaster of this informal poll. 
  • Morgan and Premier both had 2 favorite coasters. 
  • RMC, Schwarzkopf, Gerstlauer, Giovanola and Maurer Sohne each had one entry
Now onto the poll results:

With 24 favorite votes, Cedar Point's Millennium Force is far and away the most favorited coaster in this poll.
The second favorite is Cedar Point's Magnum with 14 votes
Kings Dominion's Intimidator 305 was the 3rd favorite coaster with 11 favorite votes. Photo credit to our friend Park Connoisseur. 
The cliff diving Kennywood Phantom came in fourth with ten votes. 
Six Flags Magic Mountain's X2 came in fifth with a solid nine votes. Photo from Wiki
There was a two way tie for sixth between Kings Island's Diamondback and SFNE's Bizarro with six favorite votes a piece. 

Six other coasters were tied for eighth with five votes a piece:
WDW and Disneyland's Space Mountains
SFOT New Texas Giant
Cedar Point Maverick
Canada's Wonderland Leviathan
SFMM Tatsu

Three coasters were tied for 14th with four votes a piece:
SFOG Goliath
Busch Gardens Tampa Montu
Hershey Skyrush

Six coasters were tied for 17th with three votes a piece:
Kings Dominion Dominator
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Apollo's Chariot
Cedar Point Raptor
SFOG Raging Bull
SWO Manta

Five coasters were tied for 23rd with two votes a piece:
SFOG Mindbender
The former Busch Gardens Williamsburg Big Bad Wolf
Kings Dominion Volcano
Busch Gardens Tampa Kumba
Cedar Point Gatekeeper
Universal Orlando Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

The rest had a single vote a piece:
IOA Hulk
Hershey Storm Runner
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Alpengeist
Disneyland Matterhorn
Dorney Steel Force
Dollywood Mystery Mine
Busch Gardens Tampa Sheikra
Holiday Park Expedition GeForce
Gold Reef City Anaconda
Kings Island Vortex
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Griffon
PortAdventura Shambhala 
Mirabilandia Katun
SFGADV Kingdaka
SFMM Green Lantern
Canada's Wonderland Behemoth
Canada's Wonderland Italian Backlot Stunt Coaster
Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster
SFMM Full Throttle

Parks represented:
  1. Cedar Point with six favorite steel coasters
  2. Six Flags Magic Mountain with four favorite steel coasters 
  3. Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg and Tampa, and Canada's Wonderland with three favorite steel coasters each
  4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Hersheypark, Kings Island, Disneyland and Six Flags over Georgia with two favorite steel coasters each.
  5. Dorney Park, Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, Mirablandia, Kennywood, PortAdventura, Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags New England, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom and Holiday Park with one favorite coaster each.

I think this list creates a nice to-do list for parks. The other thing to take away is that between this and our wood coaster poll, no matter what park you go to, you will find an excellent coaster. This was just a top three. If the list were expanded to top ten, I would imagine even more parks and even more coasters at these represented parks would be chosen. Be happy with what you have in your area parks. Each park has something special. It is great if you get the chance to travel, but no matter what park you go to, all parks have something special about them and likely a pretty decent ride. 

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