Friday, March 7, 2014

I love Conneaut Lake! Please help save the park!

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The year is 2007. The economy is in the midst of collapsing and two century old amusement parks close in the Rust Belt. Both Conneaut Lake Park and Geauga Lake Park, parks that date back to the 19th century, are closed. Fast forward to today and Geauga Lake is still closed but Conneaut Lake Park is hanging on. Conneaut Lake reopened in 2009 and the park's iconic, Vettel designed, Blue Streak wooden roller coaster would be rehabilitated for opening in 2010 by Lenny Adams and his company Adams Amusements. The threat of an old tax bill from years ago is looming over the park and it is in jeopardy of being sold off in pieces in September.

The main reason for the Blue Streak's return and the park's clawing back are these guys from Adams Amusements. Lenny Adams is on the left and Joe Capello is on the right. These are two great guys that are truly dedicated to the park

I first visited the park in 2010 and went back to the park this past July. I have to say the difference is night and day with the ride today. The Blue Streak is top notch once again, running better than it has in decades. Lenny Adams and his crew have rehabilitated this coaster to a point that it is a white knuckle thrill ride once again. Vettel designed the drops on this ride with such a rapid descent, creating a ride that is as intense as any. If you have not visited the park before or have not visited in a while, please make the trip to the park. A visit makes for a nice and relaxed afternoon. 

We can look to communities that have lost amusement parks and see the hole that is created. We cannot lose another part of our heritage and community, thus we must support and protect Conneaut Lake. Think back to your childhood and a park that is special to you. Think about kids these days and how you would like them to have those same wonderful memories. We cannot let any more parks leave us like this. Please support the park this summer. I have put a portion of the proceeds from my book towards helping the Adams restore the park. We cannot afford to lose this park. The community around the park cannot lose an opportunity to have this possible economic center for the region. A thriving Conneaut Lake will provide jobs all around and a place for the community to relax.

The park is on the rebound and the progress cannot be halted. In addition to the great work on the Blue Streak, the three other rare/near extinct, classics have received so much love. The Tumblebug runs fantastic and is one of only two remaining. Same with the gravity fed pretzel dark ride, the Devil's Den. In addition to the love it was given last season by some volunteers including myself, Lenny and crew have further restored the ride. The park also has an amazing Harton Carousel that is rare and over a century old. The park also has a beautiful kid ride area and an old hotel, all located on a beautiful lake. Continuing the vision of Lenny Adams and crew, this park will be fully thriving very soon. Please go up and visit this fun and relaxing park.

Support the park in any way you can. Go visit the park, volunteer and more. I have dedicated a portion of my book proceeds to the park and have given free Blue Streak ride tickets for book sales over the last month. If you purchase the book through our website or in person from me, I will send you a free Blue Streak ride ticket. If you purchase the book at one of the stores that carries our book or through Amazon, send me a copy of the purchase receipt and your address and I will send you a free Blue Streak ride ticket. 

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