Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Favorite Pennsylvania Terrain Coaster Results

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Februrary's Poll Results are in!
Waldameer's Ravine Flyer II edged out Thunderbolt for "Favorite Pennsylvania Terrain Coaster."
This wild ride tops the favorite lists for many folks. For me, it is personally tied with the Knoebels Phoenix for best overall. It masterfully uses the terrain to create a wild and airtime filled ride. It took someone with a great vision to conceive building a coaster on two small parcels of hilly land that are disjointed by a highway. 
These photos represents the coasters that came in second and third, the Kennywood Thunderbolt and the Kennywood Phantom.
The fourth place finisher is the fantastic Twister at Knoebels. While not usually considered a terrain coaster, I consider it with the slight elevation change it is located on and the high speed it gets going into the grade and tunnel at the bottom of the hill towards the back of the ride. 
The Idlewild Rollo Coaster is a demon of a little terrain coaster. If you could call a coaster "resourceful" this would be it. Herbert Schmeck designed this ride into the cliffside with a maximum height of 27 feet, 900 feet long and it was built with lumber on site. Schmeck figured out a way to build a powerful ride at a minimum cost at the height of the Great Depression.
Hydra is another cool coaster that utilizes the hillside pretty well. I love the slow helix at the end that you can see in the back left of this shot. It is cool looking down the old and giant Hercules hill down to the lake. 
If it were up to me, Jack Rabbit would be second, but the poll spoke! I LOVE the Jack Rabbit. The powerful double down drop has the most intense airtime out there. No lapbars and just a seatbelt add to the excitement. 
Hershey's Great Bear and SooperDooperLooper round out the list of PA terrain coasters.They are both fun rides and I cannot locate a SooperDooperLooper photo right now. 

You cannot go wrong with really any of these great coasters. They all fly across the hills, ravines and valleys that are plentiful within the state and are all fun. Be sure to vote on our next poll, favorite Pennsylvania Darkride

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