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Friday, November 15, 2013

Cool thing to do for the holidays: Koziar's Christmas Village

While this may not be an amusement park in terms of rides, the walk through exhibits and miniature train area make this an awesome place that is not that far off from a theme park style attraction. In short, Koziar's Christmas Village in Bernville, PA is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. There are thousands of lights and all of these lights are actually classic big bulbs. It may be the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. I get as amazed now as I did when I was four years old when I first visited. It is set on a farm in northern Berks County PA, very rural and as you drive you see absolutely no lights, hardly any buildings with lights on and all of a sudden, as you pull up close, you see this onslaught of brightness that is impossible to fully describe.
The spectacular display is located in a valley and as you drive in, you come in through the top of the hill and you see this spectacular beacon of light!
There are handpainted figures throughout the display and lots of little exhibits of them and holiday scenes and cultural displays that represent different nations and cultures along with other holidays too.
The whole thing is set in front of a little pond and the area also contains the farm's barn, farmhouse and other buildings. 
It is hard to tell in this shot, but here is a larger scale miniature train village that is relatively new and in the background you can see one of the barns and another little building all decked out.
Here you see some of the trees and buildings all decked out and you can see a silo up there as well. 
Most decked out, pretty farmhouse I have ever seen. Around this area they have their delicious hot chocolate building where you can warm up for a bit midway through the display. 
Simply wow!
Towards the end of the display, they have a beautiful and large miniature train display with very cool little city scenes in addition to a very large concession stand. I could sit and watch this train display for hours. It is so interesting
I highly recommend checking out this display. It is located north of Interstate 78 in Berks County, PA. This is a very offbeat attraction that is worth a visit as often as you can. Nothing says Christmas better than a visit to Koziar's. They are open now! Until Thanksgiving they are open on weekends and then daily after Thanksgiving! Visit their website at www.koziarschristmasvillage.com It is also extremely affordable and it makes for a wonderful evening.

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  1. That looks amazing! I would love to go, but I'm pretty far away (in Michigan) and don't get to Pennsylvania outside too-rare summer amusement park trips.

    It's not on the same scale, but a fun thing to do here in Michigan for the holidays is visit Crossroads Village, a historical village attraction, at Christmas. There is a vintage (full scale) train ride past lights displays, and their Parker carousel operates in a heated building with Christmas music on the band organ and festive blankets on the horses. Their 1910 Parker Superior Wheel also operates, though out in the cold, giving beautiful views of the village and the frozen lake.

  2. this is a family tradition of ours my mom and dad started it over 20 years ago they stumbled upon it and we have been going every year the weekend before Thanksgiving we convince family and friends to come along and one year we had 40 of us we rented out a whole hotel although my father has passed away about 5 years ago we still continue that tradition it is truly a magical place I remember going and it was not such a big thing and it has truly grown to be a wonderful attractions I highly recommend it memories will last a lifetime