Friday, November 1, 2013

Defunct Park Focus: LeSourdsville Lake/Americana

Thanks to our friend Don Zender, we have some pictures of the former LeSourdsville Lake/Americana. They show a poor, lonely amusement park that was once located in Monroe, Ohio, north of Cincinnati. It closed in 2000 and then opened for a short period in 2002, but did not make it through the season. The centerpiece of the park was the John Miller classic, Screechin Eagle. It was relocated from another park, Moxahala Park that had closed in Zanesvile, Ohio in which the coaster was opened in 1928. It was moved to Lesourdsville Lake in 1940. Sadly it was demolished without notice in 2011.
The Screechin Eagle, almost looks like it could be in operation
Poor brake run looking all lonely
This shot hits me pretty hard, a ripped up giant slide. I loved the one they used to have at Dutch Wonderland, great childhood memories. 
Poor Herschell Little Dipper
Besides the rust, really not bad. This coaster bit the dust in 2011 too though

Lots and lots of old flat ride cars. Almost reminds me of the forgotten/beaten up toys in Toy Story 3
Poor little log flume, looks like it was fun
I love the look of log flume boats
Don trying to start the crazy train
Wally World anyone? "Sorry folks, closed for good." In all seriousness though, really sad.
Tough sight to see, looks like it was a cute little park.

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  1. I once drove right near this park, while I was in grad school at Miami 1996-1998. I remember seeing a sign that said "Amusement Park" and pointed off down a street. I thought, "Amusement park? What amusement park?" I had never heard a thing about it. When I got back to classes later, I asked other grad students if they had heard anything about an amusement park near Middletown and they had no idea what I was talking about either. Back then I wasn't in this hobby yet (in fact I was afraid of roller coasters, though fascinated at the same time, but that's another story for another time) so I didn't investigate it. This is one of my big, enduring missed opportunity regrets, along with the fact that I visited someone in Lunenburg during the same period and didn't go to Whalom Park.

    The one happy ending that came out of this is that the Serpent from LeSourdsville was moved to Kokomo's, an FEC in Saginaw, Michigan, which makes it the nearest operating roller coaster to my house! It runs smoothly and is fun for what it is, and they're obviously exceedingly proud of it. I went to the regional ACE event that celebrated its installation (though I rarely attend events) and we presented them with a plaque that they hung in a prominent position near their front door along with other awards and honors they have received. I'm always happy to see them taking good care of the Serpent every time I visit and it gives me a little bit of consolation over never having seen LeSourdsville.

    1. In case it isn't obvious from context, when I say "in grad school at Miami," I mean at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I was living in the graduate/married student apartments, "Miami Manor," which were furnished, but barely, and they were fine while I was single but a guy had just moved in with me and we needed more furniture. So I was trying to use directions from Yahoo! to find furniture stores in Hamilton and Middletown, and they kept sending me to nonexistent streets and otherwise getting me lost (Internet directions were really bad back then, and I didn't know the area). It was while on this fool's errand (during which I never did get any furniture) that I passed the "Amusement Park" sign. This would have been sometime during the '97-'98 school year.