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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Old Unrealized Proposals and Internet Imagination Talk

Looking at early 2000s forum speculation threads cracks me up. "Kennywood has a 3 CCI contract after the building of Boulder Dash, so in 2001, Steel Phantom will be replaced with a Hyper CCI" or "Arrow was spotting having a handshake with Kennywood brass for the creation of their first giga which is quoted as going to kick Millennium's Butt" or "Arrow is developing a LIM Giga that is being studied by NASA" or "Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (Geuaga Lake) is getting a 350 foot Intamin based upon Ge-Force and an Arrowbatic for 2002." Depicted in this photo is the only rumor that looked like it held any water, the 700 foot "fish hook" that was planned to go off of the Stratsophere Tower. I wish this one came to fruition. 

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